Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok - Day 5/10 Bangkok

Today we went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market about half an hour from where we're staying in Bangkok. I was told to expect great things for excessively cheap prices, but I didn't go with great expectations as I've traipsed around about 5 huge malls so far, and only picked up a couple of things for myself and gifts for friends. When we turned up, I was so surprised, the first thing I saw was actually a union jack Supreme backpack (obviously a copy) but still, I was so eager to get inside! 

There's just about everything you could ask for at the weekend market (NO exaggeration). And as it's impossible to get around all 1500 stalls in a day (no matter how swift your shopping skills are) I'd reserve a couple of days to have a substantial gander. The haggling wears you out too, I learned today that in places like this you've always got to haggle because more often than not, the stall holders will reduce the item (sometimes huge amounts!) 

considering we're going back tomorrow, I've probably spent a bit much today but money seriously goes a long way. I'm so pleased with everything I've bought! 

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