Glossybox January 2012

So, the January Glossybox with the whole Valentines theme going on, nice touch. I've been meaning to review one of these since September, and I've finally got round to doing it (but that's another story). It's a mixed box, I've never looked at a product in a Glossybox negatively, as everything's proven useful in one way or another, but some things I will evidently use more than others.

The eyeliner's texture is soft and waxy, which is quite reassuring as my eyes are the most sensitive, annoying things! However, the colour isn't one I'd usually use, I'm actually not adventurous at all when it comes to eyeliner, a black kohl does me good. The 'Midnight Blue' colour reminds me of (strange) those Berol handwriting pens you used in primary school, and gives off an inky effect when smudged. I'll give it a shot though, since I've purchased Eyeko products in the past and they've always proved decent!

The Clarins duo of Day and Night Creams should be interesting to try out, my mum's in LOVE with Clarins and has been using these creams for god knows how long, so it should be fun to give these a go.

On the card, it read 'Body Wash' which is strange because inside the box came a Body Moisturizer, which I'm actually quite pleased about, since i've barely used the body wash that came with the december box! 

The primer's a nice addition to my make up bag, since my usual primer is waaay too bulky to carry around with me, so the handbag sized Murad primer with it's cute little pump is really handy.

I'm pleased with this months Glossybox, on occasion I'll give a few products away which I wouldn't really use, but this time I think I'll be keeping them all!  

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