My favourite bag. I Love My Kanken.

To be fair, I enjoy my job hugely. I'll probably be blogging about I Love My Kanken quite a bit since it's not just overtaxing graft but a really useful and exciting experience I'm so happy to be part of! 
The bags themselves are, as well as practical, really eye-catching and come in just about every colour you could imagine - no lie. When I was first introduced to the bag, I initially doubted it, the shape was awkward and I wasn't keen on the bold logo, two elements which have grown on me massively. Their unique boxy-like shape and un-fashionable fashionability all channeled into a cute little work of art you can sling over your shoulder. But most of all, if it can fit all my bits and bobs in I'm a happy girl. If you have a minute, definitely check out our website, any feedback would be really appreciated!

What's your favourite bag? 

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