Soap and Glorified?

Soap and Glory - the inexpensive, vintage packaged, signature scented brand. I remember first spotting Soap and Glory products on the shelves of my local Boots chemist a few years back. Their interesting and bold-named products stood out amongst the shelves of mediocre shower gels and bath products. I remember purchasing "Sexy Motherpucker" lip plumping lipgloss after a friend at school had it and raved about the 'warm, tingly sensation' it left on your lips. After that I've bought the odd moisturiser and body scrub, but for some reason I must've come to the conclusion it's all pleasant smelling but doesn't really do anything. I've also received a few products as gifts such as the body mist pictured above, and it does smell pretty yummy!

Admittedly it's a brand I'd sort of forgotten about until I picked up this month's copy of Elle to find a money off voucher for Soap and Glory inside. Since I was in town yesterday, I popped into Boots and had a bit of a browse, and came across the "Kick Ass Concealer" in 'Light'. Because I was looking for a concelear anyway, I may as well get a couple of squids off! 

The concealer is split into 3 sections: step 1, step 2 and step 3.

There's an under eye concealer and a facial concealer

...and a translucent setting powder.
The consistency is really light and it seems to apply smoothly and stay on all day, it's definitely a concealer I'd recommend! The setting powder makes it, and if I'm honest I probably wouldn't have purchased it if it wasn't for that unique touch. The packaging fits in the palm of your hand and squeezes into my (over filled) make-up bag perfectly. The only downside you MIGHT find with the concealer is that the skin concealer is VERY light (even though this is the 'light' shade). Since my skin's practically paper white this is extremely convenient for me, but if you even have the slightest of tans, I'd seriously check out the warmer shades.

Do you like the brand/what's your favourite product?



  1. I do love a bit of Soap and Glory, the packaging is lovely, I've tried one of their night creams and it was pretty good. xx

  2. Their breakfast scrub is lush! xx

  3. This sounds like it might be good for me, im so so white and find it difficult to match foundation to my skin, so ive stuck to the same one for years! i might try this out!


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