Glossybox May 2012 // 1st Birthday Anniversary

A year has flown by! I remember getting my first box heavily anticipating a full-size Nars product after the previous box! Since getting Glossybox I've realised that of course, it's going to be hit and miss. But in the process I've discovered products which work wonders for me, and more importantly ones that I wouldn't usually think twice about using normally, turning into ones I'm desperate to buy the full-size of!

Shower gels usually induce a heavy sigh from me, personally. But I've given in to this one, I haven't used it yet but it smells absolutely divine! With both elderflower and gooseberry contributing to the uplifting, summery scent, i've got a feeling I'm going to be running out of it pretty quick (boo).

I was really happy to receive another HD brows product to add to my collection, since the eyebrow palette is now part of my every day make-up routine! 'Grow Baby Grow' is described as a serum to 'speed up hair growth' and is applied via a thin brush, almost like the tiniest paintbrushes you found in the pot and used at school! This is my favourite product this month, as I'm in love with thick(er) eyebrows, I reaaally hope this works!

The Lolita Lempicka perfumes are interesting, for me, I'd choose the purple bottle over the pink. The pink's scent kind of reminds me of baby shampoo, which, don't get me wrong i ADORE the smell of, but I'm not sure if I'd like to wear that scent. The purple's seems to be slightly more sweet and less musky. Again, not what I'd usually wear but it's always good to try! I think I'm going to give both perfumes to a friend, as my perfume samples collection is piling up!

Whilst i hate the taste of honey, I've only heard good things about the Apivita honey face masks and need to try these out ASAP! I'm unfamiliar with Greek skincare brands too, so it'll be fun trying them out.

I'll be honest, the amount of 'hair oil' I have is silly. This 'Berber Oil' is again, designed to treat dry, damaged hair. Which, in the recent heatwave we've had (I'm sure I'll talk about it in some other post) is practically essential. This oil also smells SO much of Haribo sweets, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this!

What did you think of this months box and what was your your favourite product?

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