2013 - Hello!

Delayed, again.

Haven't been on here in ages, so I'm just going to write about a few recent events. Finally, the whole UCAS process is over, and I've received (most of) my offers to potential universities. Not going to lie, the whole uni preparation thing is so exciting, but as much as I'm desperate to get out of here and start afresh, it's going to be pretty emotional change-wise.

On Friday I had my interview for Journalism at Salford University, (I hope it went well - fingers crossed!) and this one boy was talking about his blog after our interview. He said 'It's not something you should try and commit to, but it's something that you do out of enjoyment, sometimes subconsciously.' This stuck, and I think finally, taking my procrastination-filled nature into account, I'm going to try and blog regularly here, aside from Tumblr.

One abbreviation that stands out for me particularly this year is 'PMA', and I'm excited to see what's to come!

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