Interview - Mancunian Minutes with Mike Garry

Peak through the curtains, murky Sunday morning. Flip the laptop open, 97% charge. Complimented by a cuppa and a chit chat with Mancunian maverick Mike Garry. The day's begun.

Mike's experienced the real deal; he's worked on residencies including six children's homes within Manchester, recording his experiences in order to create raw, incomparable verse.

With undertones of humour and realism, the platform Mike uses to communicate with the masses has fascinated me since his arrival at QES, Kirkby Lonsdale's Year 11 assembly.

The Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder has described Mike as 'The best street poet ever.' Personally, I wouldn't argue.

E: Hey Mike! So, first things first, your hometown of Manchester has clearly had a huge impact on your writing, what fascinates you about the city?

M: Hi! Honestly? Everything. From the people to the history, the politics... I could go on. Its truly a unique city and I've travelled the world!

E: If you could describe Manchester in three words what would they be? No pressure...

M: Open, welcoming and revolutionary.

E: Interesting choice of words! So, if you weren't a poet, what path do you think you'd want to take?

M: I'd love to either be a footballer or librarian! A Contrast I know...

E: Now for the classic, 'Who are your influences?'

M: Heaney, Armitage, David Bowie, Tony Harrison, Bob Dylan...Morrissey! Me and him used to share poems as kids you know! My mother of course, and primary school teacher Ms McCoombe.

E: You shared poems with Morrissey? That's amazing, heaven knows Morrissey's a genius. What can you not go through the day without, then?

M: Ha! Well there was - but I'm not addicted to tobacco any more; I am free from the shackles of addiction!

E: Do you have any advice for those budding writers out there? You must be asked this a thousand times...

M: Work really hard and read lots of other poets' work! Always remember that no one is more important than the poem itself. 

E: Last question, then you're free from the shackles of my interviewing... What are your goals for the future, Mike?

M: Simply to keep working hard and getting lucky!

  • If you're interested in having a gander at Mike's work, have a look in your local library, or at any worthy bookshop! 

  • Follow Mike on twitter - @mikegarry

  • Look out for upcoming events such as Wired in @ The Duke's Theatre in Lancaster (11th March) where Mike will be performing. 7pm-9.

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