1. I am in love with this dress! Reminds me of the Topshop daisy/poppy print sundress Fran donned in a recent episode of Made in Chelsea. But I have a £10 voucher code I need to spend. Motel, how you tempt me. 

2. Initially I was so unsure of this sillhouette, and skorts remind me of year 3 PE class. However, my wardrobe is desperately in need of a white update, and Zara have hit the nail on the head, something really different! Plus, this dupe is significantly cheaper so I'm eager to compare.

3. Okay, so I'm aware this isn't the typical all-round perfect MAC foundation, but since receiving a sample of Dermablend foundation in a past Glossybox, this is the most flawless foundation I have ever used, and has endless colour options. (I mean ENDLESS!) Its viscosity and general thickness was a worry for me, as usually foundations of this nature don't let skin breathe, but knowing it's 'dermalogically approved' totally puts my mind at ease. 

4. I'm a sucker for boots, I know it's Summer and I should be lusting after flats and sandals but I just can't helped myself. Chunky boots paired with a Summer dress is just so easy and works well most of the time! I love the 'Oxblood' colour, and since I have about 298447 pairs of black boots, these would make me very happy. The cut out detailing is really different too! Topshop have put these in the sale at almost half price, I'll be on that!

5. Bit of a funny one. I remember borrowing a friend's Mountain Dew lip balm a year or so ago and could not stop using it. A nice little cheapy but they're so yummy! Cannot resist. 

What's on your Summer wishlist? 

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