Disclosure Presents x Warehouse Project Review

Looking online, I've never really found an overall review of someone's experience at Manchester's infamous Warehouse Project. Whether that be for the reason there's too much to say about the event, or one is simply unable to recall parts of the event due to being under the influence of... We're going too fast.

I thought I'd document my experience. This is NOT a music review by any means, but a personal account of the first time I witnessed Trafford's most raved about music event to date.

Getting there was simple. One foot out of the taxi and the other followed, we were literally dropped off right outside the venue, give or take a few steps. The queue stood out like a sore thumb, awash with ticket touts, tie dye and trainers (ha, sorry) we found our way to the back of the line. I'm not going to lie, queueing took what felt like forever, and when you're desperate to empty your bladder holding it in is never fun. Luckily before entry, several Portaloos were arranged outside the old warehouse.


Security were tight but friendly and patient, ushering the crowds through systematically and performing searches on everyone who entered. A seemingly friendly sniffer dog greeted us too. The first act we'd intended to see was Disclosure, the main act. I did want to catch Australian Electronic producer Flume's set initially (21:15-22:00), but that would have meant setting off extra early, and that just didn't happen.

22:50, Forty minutes to go. A fiver for a Vodka and Red Bull, not bad if you think about the venue. I guess with the price there's less of a tendency to down it in one then chuck the cup away. Water did cost as well though, which was disappointing. A whole lot of marketing could be curated around free water provision.

Disclosure. Safe to say everyone went absolutely mental. With a set crammed with the duo's well known tracks including: Latch, You & Me, White Noise etc. everyone was literally screamsinging and it was beautiful. Even the trademark 'NUH NUUUH' sound from 'Latch' post- 'Now I've got you in my space, I won't let go of you... NUH NUUUH'. That one. That was sung, it was brilliant.

A second favourite act of mine was T Williams. This guy's getting popular. Now with his 'In new DJ's we trust' show on R1, he's not only releasing his own tracks but showcasing resident DJ's material. Try Huxley or Shadow Child. He killed it, even though this was one of the last acts, everyone was vibing in a sort of going-to-fall-over-but-keep-on-going kind of way.

It was at that moment when I had the realisation that the possible connotations manchester club nights could have did not matter anymore. A gathering of some of the most diverse, passionate and universal people who can simultaneously appreciate music are physically and emotionally brought together through an event such as this one.

Nice one, WHP.

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