Minty Fresh - My Top Five Summer Picks

As a self-confessed sneaker head, simply taking pictures, wearing and gushing over season releases doesn't self-satify anymore. Here are five of my old and new blue-hued favourites for this season:

1. Ronnie Fieg X ASICS Gel Lyte V "Mint Leaf"

'Re-released' as an updated version earlier this year, I thought I'd be in with a chance to get my hands on a pair of one of my old favourites, alas, these babies sold out just as fast as they did back in 2011. Aside from the blatant pigmentation which is neither 'green' or 'blue, to me, the mesh panelling plays the 'back to basics' card, it's not a complicated shoe and I admire that. Remembering NB as the PE trainer of the kid who didn't wear Nikes in 2004, it's always refreshing to see a modern collaboration which contributes to the fashion-forward sign of the ever-growing brand. 

2. A.R.C X New Balance 1300

Another (older!) collaboration here - For anyone who's interested in their trainers, you'll understand the hype that surrounded this pair and arguably prompted a slightly similar re-release back in April. Granted I was a tad young when the collab was aired, the drooling began a couple of years later. Again, I love the simplicity of this shoe. I love how the colourway is made up of 3+ different colours, plus iridescent mesh yet still doesn't seem to shout too loud. New balance have stuck to their guns throughout the years and visibly don't abandon the more 'classic' shapes. I understand the argument surrounding the similarities between the Alife/newer MIUSA 1300, but I'll always favour this one. The striped badge is a cool touch, plus the mesh reminds me of mermaids. Don't ask. Top shoe. 

3. Saucony Originals Grid SD Black/Teal (RELEASE: SUMMER '15)

I don't know if I'd wear these, but I like them. They're big, they're bold and they're a little bit sickly, but that's alright. Saucony are probably my favourite brand of shoe ethically (seriously, worth reading up on) but that's a whole different story. This release appears to me as a few colours thrown together on an original, classic body (previously released) which just happens to work. Kind of careless and unapologetic. That's it I suppose. Aside from that, another reason I probably won't be investing is due to the smack bang branding, it's kind of big as well and I don't reckon the shoe needs that. 

5. Ronnie Fieg X ASICS Gel Lyte V "Cove"

Here I am cosying up to our Ron' and Asics again, but I feel that I had to feature this shoe. I love how this pair boast subtle 3M accents (which have proven a recent growing trend!) I've swayed towards Asics more so throughout recent years for their attention to detail. I understand the controversey surrounding Ronnie Fieg, but it's an attractive shoe. I can't fault it therefore I can't really fault him. The breathable pinhole detail is cute too, I'd cry if I messed these up walking through in a Mancunian puddle.

4. Nike Air Max 1 Original in Varsity Blue

Boring or classic? A sure fire staple of any Nike lover? I dunno why I'm banging on about going back to basics and brands re-releasing old styles but this trainer reinforces my opinion on Nike getting a little bit too complicated as of late. If it wasn't for bodies like the AM1, I'd probably be on my way to losing interest in Nike for a while. Gulp. This pair actually remind me of toothpaste so much they kind of make me want to brush my teeth. My only qualm with some of my favourite old beaters is yeah, they get visibly mucky on the white panels and no, I don't think AM's look as decent when they're dirty. But hey, whatever you're into. I like these because I can pop them on and not have to worry about if i've remembered to spray them to protect against the inevitable British weather. Can't beat your old beaters.

What trainers will you be donning this summer? 

(images from Sneakerfreaker & Hypebeast)

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