After coming across the 'buy one get one 50% off' offer in the window of my local Body Shop, I couldn't resist paying a visit. When it comes to skincare I've noticed TBS is for me, probably one of the only 'high street' brand I'd buy. Ashamedly I don't always pay as much attention as I should to brands' ethical backgrounds, but I think the reason why I love TBS so much is that they pride themselves on using natural ingredients (you know exactly what goes in!) and going about production in the most ethically sound way (not testing on animals etc). They shout about it which is fab, too.

I picked up the Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub first. I wanted to add a sort of deep clean to my cleansing/toning routine, especially as Summer's here and God forbid, peely skin. I also love the smell! The texture is thick and rough - you can definitely feel it, which is such a good feeling because it's all good stuff targeting all the bad stuff! I've noticed it can cause slight redness so I don't use it every day and never in the mornings. Maybe once a week, just to get rid of any dullness.

After that, I grabbed the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. Now I've heard so much "BB cream this" and "BB cream that" but I've never really paid attention. I've just always used foundation or a bit of concealer/tinted moisturiser on holiday. After swatching a little on my hand I was pleasantly surprised - the 'light' shade was actually light! (Any girls with light skin must have experienced similar previous infuriation with 'light' actually being not quite so.)

The coverage is decent. No, it's not full but it sits nicely and seems to get rid of shine quite well. I love how the product has tea tree within it, so whilst making your skin look good it's simultaneously looking after it. Two birds with one stone! The only downside with tea tree oil is it has a tendency to dry your skin out - I suppose we'll see what happens!

Do you shop at The Body Shop? What's your favourite product?

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