Brand Focus: French Connection A/W '14 - Launched!

I'm so excited to be writing about one of my favourite British brands when it comes to sharp cuts, ahead-of-time shapes, fair pricing and classic, impressive quality. I just keep on telling myself that my student loan will be on hand very soon... Anyway. It's official - the French Connection A/W '14 collection has officially launched. 
Both Autumn and Winter seasons have got to be my favourite in terms of clothing. Layering, stacking and wrapping up goes hand in hand with inevitable annoying sideways-drizzle-not-quite-downpour, chilly-not-quite-arctic, typical English weather.  
Upon checking out some of the brand's new arrivals and classics, I've selected a few of my favourite pieces:  
Gazelle Zip Pencil Skirt (£65)

A little realistic up haul from your run of the mill pencil style. Predominantly cotton, there's no risk of weighing down (sometimes noticeable on leather skirts) which creates a slightly odd silhouette. The zip is a lovely, low-key touch as well. Just enough detail to make the skirt that little bit different.

Baby Long Sleeved T-shirt (£28)

Plain and simple - your classic breton. Everyone needs one, everyone's worn one or everyone wishes they had one on a lazy Sunday when you don't feel quite up to dressing up nor pattering around in loungewear. 

Desert Drape Belted Coat (£195)

Ah, I love this coat. The sure structure of the classic trench is what admittedly throws me off and scares me a little (it shouldn't, I know), but this glorious coat tackles all my doubts with it's soft finishing and casual, natural folds. I like thinking of it as the relaxed trench coat! The colour's a big one for me too. It's perfect for someone who claims to own 'too much monochrome' like myself - this worn navy blue colour is classically wearable. 

Novella Croc-Effect Leather Heels (£90)

I find these so cute and classy. With a heck of a lot of chunky heels á la cutouts available at just about anywhere at the moment, I get the impression that this style has been reworked in a sleek, wearable way. The croc-effect leather is really smart too. Love.

I could go on, honestly. I'm in love with the whole workwear vs. casual wear with a fleck of sport luxe that's bobbing around at the moment. French Connection, you've got it spot on.

Have you got your eye on any of the pieces from the new collection?


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