DreamWeave & Co Lip Voltage | A Review

I usually try and steer clear of gimmicky products mainly because they usually come with both empty promises (‘this will happen if you use our product’), and a hefty price tag. I came across Lip Voltage via Holly Hagen from Geordie Shore’s Instagram funnily enough, even though I can’t say I’ve watched the series once...

Lip fillers have never been something I’ve really thought about seriously, as I’d be too on edge about the procedure going wrong, and I know if it did I’d never leave the house again. But this product interested me as it contains collagen (usually injected), yet there’s no injection needed. The product claims to make your lips appear fuller. 

Within the packaging there’s a lip gloss-like tube with an applicator - the ‘Lip Voltage’, and a smaller, squeezy tube - the ‘Mix Up the Voltage’. Depending on how much ‘voltage’ you want to add to your lips, you’re recommended to squeeze 1-3 drops of the 'Mix Up the Voltage' within the Lip Voltage gloss and stir with the applicator, then of course, apply. 

Now I’ve read several reviews of the product claiming that there’s ‘pain’ involved - I do have quite a high pain tolerance but I’d like to clear up it’s more of a tingling/burning rather than a specific pain which hurts, and it’s usually over within about 15-20 minutes. 

Lip Voltage is available online and it retails at a worthy £16.99 (the cheapest I could find!) at Dollywood Boutique 

(sorry bit grainy) 


After using the product my lips admittedly feel fuller, I’m not sure if it’s just the gloss accentuating them but I do see a bit of a difference. What do you think? Would you use a product like this? 

(Since I have purchased this product the packaging has been updated)

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