Dupe of the Week | Triangl Swimwear vs. River Island

I'm so excited to be spending a few weeks in Portugal this Summer, I'm a bit of an oldie when it comes to peace, quiet and being somewhat secluded from the hustle and bustle. Plus it gives me time to really focus on fitness and getting a tan (ha, won't happen).

So a week or so before I flew out, I decided I needed a swimwear overhaul. 'Triangl' have been a name that's been circling around the blogosphere for quite some time now, and make up the simple-but-gorgeous Australian swimwear and underwear brand. I'd set my sights on the Candy Pink Lucie set, but since they deliver from down under, there was no way I'd get it in time.

I stumbled across this set from good old River Island, not somewhere I usually shop admittedly but I was pleased. It's by no means an exact duplicate (obviously), but I could pick it up up quickly and it has resemblance!


I'm aware of several exact duplicates online, but to be fair Triangl deserve credit and I would have purchased one of theirs if I had planned a little better. Even though the pieces aren't cheapy cheap, they are gorgeous and unique due to the wetsuit-esque neoprene material and are definitely worth an investment.

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