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 If you asked me a few months ago what my lifestyle was like, I'd say I skipped meals, lager would be my drink of choice on a night out and I'd stay up late, probably have dinner late if i felt like it and sleep in 'til silly o'clock. Pretty lazy really. Well, very. And I'm quite embarrassed to be writing this if I'm honest.

I've never really eaten loads, but I don't think not eating correlates with weight loss per se. It certainly hasn't for the past few months. My typical student lifestyle put me in a cycle of feeling bloated, not wanting to go out because I felt bloated, and sitting around feeling sorry for myself because I didn't like the look or feel of it.

Anyway, about a month ago I decided to increase my fitness (ha) and give my lifestyle an overhaul, including my diet. I started off by reading a few books by Jason Vale - a world renowned juice fanatic and believer in healthy detoxing. So I went and did a week of just drinking juice. I'd never condone this as a long-term thing, but it did HUGELY help clear my mind and understand nutrition a
whole lot better. I'd seriously recommend his writing.

So, as well as daily exercise and a better (not perfect) sleeping pattern, i made the choice to delve into the ever-growing arguable trend(?), it is really isn't it - let's be fair, of clean eating.

What is clean eating?
You know what, I don't think it can be defined in this way or that. I want to clear up that it does not matter whether you're a vegan, a meat eater, a vegetarian, have intolerances or preference when it comes to food. My definition of clean eating would probably be the self-creation of awareness of what you're consuming. Obviously by eating organically and consuming fresh produce and whole foods as much as possible, along with paying attention to portion size and methods of preparation/cooking is a bonus.

'I don't like diets'
I hate that word! Eating clean doesn't have to be about losing weight per se. As much as I personally like the thought of that (yawn), there's a whole lot more to it. It's not a 'diet' or 'detox' - it's a lifestyle change.

Is it expensive?
Straight up? Unfortunately, it can be. But it doesn't have to be. Set a budget, make a list if need be. Pay attention to what you actually need in your diet, rather than whatever fancy. It's worth it.

How can i start?
Make little switches at first if it all sounds a bit daunting, you don't have to cut out your favourite things. I'm blessed I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate and sweets because I'm prone to migraines, but for example, I like pasta, so every so often buying wholegrain and paying attention to how much you cook is a tiny alteration that goes unnoticed.

I hope I haven't babbled on for too long and if you've actually read this, well done and cheers! I was quite nervous about posting something of this nature because I'm no Jason Vale and I'm certainly no expert on anything like this so please don't shout at me!

 It's just something I suppose I'd learned about earlier than I have, and really wanted to share with you.

Would you ever try this?

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