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Come September it'll be a year since I started University. As painful as student finance is to organise, having a student loan does have its perks. You're able to reign independence and really manage your money in your own way. My first idea was to budget  - didn't work. I bought a little leather bound book and everything, but it proved useless.

After hitting the internet I ended up with an NUS card and a 16-25 railcard - helpful. They're both handy and with the word 'discount' being branded about frantically at the time, I was eager to get my hands on both. Something (in my opinion) which seemed a little more in the shadows was UNiDAYS. I'd seen it when I was at school on a few websites but I never really thought much about it.

Whether I was simply a bit late I don't know. Unidays, to me, is genius. You have to be a University student to join/have a University email, and signing up gives you access to loads and I mean loads of discounts. And they're not at shops nobody goes to either, they can be used online via stores like Boohoo or Missguided, and even in-store at Topshop and Benefit counters etc.

When purchasing, all you have to do is flash your Unidays profile (via your phone) at the cashier and you've got your discount! No standing around waiting for NUS numbers to be written down. I find it so awkward when that happens.

There's two little features that I do love about Unidays that I thought I'd share! -

  • Unidays adds 'limited time only' discounts which are worth keeping a look out for (I noticed All Saints this week which is tempting me too much!)
  • It's free, no catches. (For once).

Sign up HERE !

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