Three Simple Recipes For Students RE Clean Eating

I just thought I'd pen down three easy-to-make little recipes that don't require much effort and can easily weave themselves into a busy lifestyle, simultaneously making you feel and moreover, be healthier!

This post features my little jar that I love using. I use it because it looks cute and is easy to take around with you if you're on the move as well.

1. Green Power Juice with a kick! (The kick's the lime...)

If you own a juicer, it's just the simple process of whacking in all the ingredients and voila! If not, I seriously recommend investing in one. This little green juice is the perfect breakfast-esque start to the day. The lime really wakes you up! 
(Little tip: if you're juicing, try and drink your creation ASAP, as juice begins to oxidise and lose its 'goodness' immediately after it's been made!)

2. Baby Greek Salad

Again, this is just a case of gathering the ingredients and whacking them all together. Greek salad is one of my favourite meals as the different flavours just seem to sit together so well. Typically, the Greeks use olive oil and feta cheese (low fat - high protein) in their salads, I've decided to leave these out for personal preference, but there's nothing wrong with adding both (all in moderation) if you're not a typical raw veggie type of person.

The lemon juice really compliments the flavour. Mixed with oregano/ginger/garlic/black pepper, it makes a really lovely and light dressing too.

3. Rice Ball

This is a really nice little dish but it is filling, you don't need much! Got to stress the importance of using long grain brown rice - it's full of vitamins and is lighter than short grain. I usually try to use egg whites only, but for some reason when I tried it recently it ended up looking like porridge, and the picture wasn't very nice.

Boil your rice for twenty minutes then leave it to sit for a good ten. In a pan, crack your egg. Whisk with whatever you fancy (I used the simple ingredients above). After a couple of minutes it'll look kind of scrambly eggy (oh dear). Mix with the rice and voila! I popped a bit of coriander on top and moulded it so it didn't look messy.
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