Friday Favourites | Wishlist 2.

Firstly, I know it's not Friday but I missed Friday a couple of days ago so can I post anyway? Thanks.

I keep internally crying as emails from brands come through with 'Key Season Trends' and 'Essentials for A/W' - Summer hasn't even finished yet! Working at a desk most days in the week doesn't require much thought about cropped tops and sandals though, sadly.

Anyway, here's my second wish list I've created this month, alas, due to me being such a hoarder I'm going to have to start shifting some of my wardrobe before I make any more purchases!

This Autumn/Winter I really want to layer up properly with pieces that can be styled in loads of different ways. Black's always a bit of a safe option, and I love the 'duster' style that's donning high street shops at the moment. 

I have been drooling over this brand for some time now. I love how they're inspired by the British seaside, and the colours and overall simplicity of the designs really interest me. A piece that could be worked into just about any outfit. I need one of these analogue beauties in my life before Uni starts again!

As one of Sephora's 'bestsellers' I'm more intrigued than dying to purchase. I'm a classic go-to HD brows palette kind of person, ever since receiving it in Glossybox a few years back. If anyone has any experience with brow gels/fill-ins/products please advise me! Now that Sephora ship to the UK, I can tell I'll be in my element each payday...they're also known for their generosity with free samples - just a head's up!

I keep seeing this boxxy grid print around about, and I can't handle the cuteness of this piece. Bank Fashion have got me hooked lately, keep your eyes out for some lovely pieces they're releasing, so affordable, too!

Okay. I need some 'smart' shoes, and I've always loved good old R&B (and the music's alright, too). Initially I was after some Clarks Wallabee's but I can't find them anywhere and yada, yada...frustration. But then I was taken back to my indie kid days and remembered lusting after these for so long but never making the purchase of a pair that would actually last. I think these would be perfect with an a-line skirt or skinny jeans and a breton top. Just with anything really. Do people still wear these? I don't know. 

What are you crushing on at the moment, and can someone give me a friendly push in the right direction RE brow gel/products?!

Goodnight X
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  1. Dipbrow is amazing, you definitely need to invest! You can get it on cultbeauty too. I love the new duster coats that are out right now as well, that's on my next wishlist!


    1. Funnily enough that's where I first saw it. I'll take your word for it Aleena, thanks lovely! And there are definitely TOO many nice coats about at the moment! X


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