THE Perfect Holiday Product | Caudalie Divine Oil | A Review

Funnily enough, my draws have contained a variety of oils since I think, the first Glossybox I ever received. From argan oils to the Glamour Beauty Box favourite, DHC, each oil is surprisingly different to the next and hold a whole load of qualities. However, this Caudalie wonder has seeeriously trumped my expectations.

Okay, so no, it wasn't some wondrous experience that stemmed from the trawling of inspirational cult blogs or the beauty section of a magazine. I just walked into a chemist in Portugal and was bombarded by a lady trying to flog a special offer.

After a couple of mis-pronunciations and the addition of a male chemist waddling along to push the sale (fair enough) something clicked. THIS is the Caudalie I've heard so much about a couple of years back and the go-to product for those lusting after soft, radiant and firm skin.

So, let's cut to the chase:

Body 7/10: I am in love with the texture of this oil, it's 100% NOT sticky and is oily without feeling even a tiny bit greasy. I find that it's perfect to use on your skin after climbing out of the pool and post- shower. Getting dressed shortly after is no problem at all. It feels as though it's nourishing and has sunk into your skin in about a minute tops.

Hair 8/10: I'm usually a little dubious when it comes to using 'hair oils', but as I was so impressed with the results after using it on my skin, I had to take the plunge. When I was on holiday, I worked about two or three sprays of the oil between my palms and evenly distributed from the mid-lengths down to the ends of my hair, carefully working it into the ends to tackle any dryness. After lying in the sun, my hair felt healthy rather than dry, and not greasy one bit.

Overall 9/10: There are two less obvious POI's associated with this product which are totally unique. Firstly, the smell. Infused with grape and hibiscus oils, yeah, it's kind of a given it will smell appealing. But the thing is this product doesn't give off an overwhelming smell, it's so pleasant and feminine and I kept catching whiffs of it throughout the day (an ideal opportunity to leave your weighty perfume at home!) 

Secondly, the bottle. It's glass, which is slightly heavier but it's beautiful. It looks perfect on your dressing table paired with its little wooden lid, and the oil leaves the bottle through a spray rather than a pump. This is a no-brainer when it comes to saving on product and making sure it lasts longer - I wish more brands used sprays, I'm sick of having to wash off excess product that's spilled out via a pump!

I hope I haven't waffled for too long, but this is definitely one of my 'wonder products' and one that I think that eeeevery holidaymaking beauty addict should pack!

Have you ever used a Caudalie product? Do you use hair oils regularly? - Let me know!

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