The Fashion Network is the UK's fastest-growing fashion community, so when I heard they were collaborating with Branded Lab PR to organise a blogger meet up in Manchester (and I'd bagged an invite!) I was over the moon.

Upon arrival, everyone was greeted with a drink - I opted for a gin and tonic, kindly provided by Forest Gin. It was the perfect accompaniment to the first part of the evening, as we browsed the room and chatted to bloggers alike.

Everyone was so friendly, and with phrases like 'OOTD' being bandied about - I knew I felt right at home.

It was so much fun getting to know unique brands and discovering products like the bags From St Xavier had on display. As well as nattering with raved about make-up pioneers, NYX Cosmetics. I made sure that I didn't leave without asking for a few make-up tips!

We were also given goody bags loaded with products, including some that coincidentally, I'd been desperate to get my hands on for a while. (I have heard amazing things about Sweet Freedom's fruit syrup, it's going straight in my porridge tomorrow morning!)

The pinnacle of the evening was the Q&A the organisers had arranged with fashion and lifestyle blogger, Chez Rust. He spoke about his journey, and told us how it had materialised from a simple love of outfits, to a growing following and interacting with thousands of people through social media.

One particular thing Chez said stuck in my mind, in response to a question something along the lines of 'What would you say to someone just starting out in blogging?' He said  'Just do you' - and whilst at the time, admittedly it sounded a bit cringe, it rings clear now. 

In the taxi home, I thought about the people that I'd met and the creatives who were showcasing their work - I felt inspired by the talent around me. It's got me so excited to be kickstarting my blog again, and I really I feel like this might be the start of something fun!

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