I know we're only halfway through the month, but I guarantee that by the time Christmas comes around, I'll be struggling to pick my five favourite things in December. (This is because four of them will probably be food).

Aside from the theme being unintentionally monochrome, every single thing that I’ve picked has made my month a little bit more pleasant. I find that at this time of year I really recognise the things that make me happy, material or not. I don’t know whether that’s because Christmas is just around the corner, but I’m feeling really grateful lately. Is anyone else?

I’ve never really been very beauty savvy. I find that make up sometimes slides off my skin, and by the end of the day it doesn’t look like I’m wearing much at all. Either that, or the cold makes my skin dry, which is equally as irritating. I love this primer, if anything, it makes make up application feel a little bit more luxurious - it’s so silky!

These tea bags have improved my sleep quality by miles. When I first moved into my flat, my mum left a box in the cupboard. Since then, I’ve been having a cup near enough every night - it definitely helps me ‘wind down’. I’m not a fan of these gimmicky herbal teas that you see all over social media... *cough* tea won’t make you lose weight, but I love this one, because it’s a simple camomile flavour and it’s almost always on offer at Holland and Barrett. 

Percy Pigs
Because Percy Pigs. A bit of a trivial favourite, but me and my boyfriend have been munching on these babies for the majority of the month, and if you’ve never tried them before I can tell you now - they’re pretty perfect. You can pick them up in Marks & Spencer!

I feel as though it’s quite difficult to find the perfect pair of boots. You’ve got to be sure they’ll go with outfits, withstand weather, last for a long time… When I saw these Topshop ones, I was sure. They’re like Yves Saint Laurent/Chloe-esque high street dupes, and I’m obsessing over the ‘sock’ style at the moment. The lady in Topshop did tell me that the boots have been notorious for the zip breaking. I actually had to return the first pair I got for that reason... So far so good with the second pair though, even if I am always fastening them up as carefully as I can. 

Cue the investment piece. When it comes to staples, especially knitwear, I typically always fall for something a little bit more expensive. Since I’m the type of person to wear something to death, I figured it was justifiable to snap up this one. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I can’t fault it, it’s the perfect, stark white, and you can flip the neck up to make it look a little different than your traditional roll neck. Oh, and it’s warm. That’s also very helpful. This is definitely my favourite piece I’ve picked up recently - I'm not being funny but I think I'm in love. 

Do you have any December favourites?


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