Goal setting with #GirlGains - A Q&A

Today was up there with one of my most productive Sunday's to date. I visited Leaf, on Portland Street in Manchester, for my first #GirlGains event.

The afternoon was organised by the amazing Victoria and Beth, and I spent near enough four hours chatting to likeminded girls. Fitness bloggers, food bloggers, personal trainers and health enthusiasts. 
First of all I want to shed some light on Leaf, I opted for the Avocado and Eggs and it was to die for. I also recommend the Rose Petal tea - it tasted as good as it looked. (Very 'instagrammable')

After lunch, Victoria conducted a goal setting exercise and encouraged us to pick one 'main goal' to work towards, and we jotted down how we'd do this.

I found it so hard at first, and actually crossed out my goal to write a different one, and then reverted back to the original. Twice. I'm so indecisive. 

I'm going to talk you through the process and share my note-taking with you (it's a little bit personal):

My goal: To shock my body and find balance

A little bit airy-fairy? Then we dug deeper...

Victoria asked us: 'Why do you want to achieve this goal?'

Because I'm inspired by the people I follow. I want to share my journey and inspire others. Although it's personal, it's also to build relationships with likeminded people. 

'How will you feel if you don't take the necessary steps to reach your goal?'

I'm scared I'll fall back into restrictive, controlling eating behaviour. I'm afraid of feeling down, I like making other people happy, and I think that sometimes, it's hard to be around someone who's down. 

'If you continue your habits working towards your goal, how will you feel?'

I'll feel as though I've worked and earned something. I can't imagine falling off track and being frustrated. 

I want to prove to myself that one extreme doesn't have to be the answer. When I go to the gym I almost feel euphoric. I like thinking of my body as a project and the idea of having something to work towards. (Lean muscle, 'gains' I suppose...)

There was a break in the Q&A where Victoria talked someone through their goal. And she persisted in pushing for the reasons why she chose that specific goal.

It was that point where I took a step back and thought about why my goal really means so much to me. As well as it being an exciting 'project', memories I'd forgotten became apparent again.

I remember being called 'fat' when I was younger, I remember being uncomfortable because of my height (I was tall for my age)... These are all things that contribute towards the way I am today, whether I admit them or not. 

I also remember losing a lot of weight not long ago and suffering with Orthorexia. That's not something I've talked about to anyone, really. But I'm not embarrassed now.

'How will you feel when you achieve your goal?'

I'll feel as though I've overcome an obstacle that I've been trying to tackle for a while. I'll feel as though I've helped others learn about self-worth. 

'How do you feel now?'

I'm on a good platform. I'm putting the groundwork in. I'm eager to share my journey. Nervous but I have go go for it.'

And finally, Victoria asked us about the three things that we feel we need to STOP doing to achieve our goal. Here are mine:

1) Lie in's and late nights (haha)
2) Not making time to do what makes me happy
3) Following others' journeys instead of concentrating on my own

And the things TO do to achieve it:

1) Post regularly on social media & network with likeminded people
2) Continue and work on my gym routine/workout variations
3) Realise that I'm not alone on my journey

If you've actually read all of the above then wow. Thank you. I want to wrap this up sharpish because I feel like I've rambled. 

Victoria's way of thinking is incredibly beneficial, even to someone like me who doesn't even know what she's having for breakfast in the morning, let alone what my long term goal is. 

I hope that those who read this can begin to pave their way towards a goal, or at least start thinking about it. 

Thank you so much to Leaf, Beth and Victoria for a wonderful event, and I'm so eager for the next one... So get planning girls please! 

PS. Thank you to the wonderful brands who got involved and provided us with such thoughtful goodie bags!

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