We're on our way to our second to last destination - Krabi.

We're all aboard a catamaran swaying side to side, every so often people open their eyes mid-nap with worried looks on their faces. Myself included. 

I was going to save this line for the last paragraph, but sod it. I feel like I've left a piece of me in every single place we've travelled to. We've been told countless times that we would need 'six months' to travel to everywhere we've managed to somehow get to. And we've done it pretty much seamlessly with very little holding us back.

Our group is made up of people who've done it before, who have always wanted to do it, and people who may not ever do it again. Travel, that is.

We have mother figures, father's, and hyperactive little cousins. We have adventurous souls and cautious creatures. Ones who worry and ones who let the day make their decisions for them. When they say 'variety is the spice of life' - they're right. Whoever 'they' are. 

This time tomorrow we'll be in Bangkok enjoying our final day in this magnificent country. I'll fill you in with what we've been up to in Phi Phi and Krabi, too.

I just had to get this one out.

In the meantime I'm going to pray this boat doesn't topple over.

Eleni x

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